Customs Brokerage

If you’re importing, you need a Customs broker that you can trust to get your shipments cleared through Customs with as few delays as possible. Because we take the time to learn everything we can about your business, you can be sure that your entries will be filed accurately and on time.

Customs Entry Services: C J is a full service Customs broker that can provide all entry filing services for your import shipments.

Inland Delivery Services: C J can arrange and manage the inland delivery of your import shipment. Ask us for a quote.

Online Tracking: Our web-based tracking service allows you to see the status of your shipments on demand, and generate customized reports.

Drawback: If you import freight that is later exported, C J can help you claim a refund of duties paid on the original import.

Reconciliation: If you cannot provide all required information at the time of entry, C J can help you file a Reconciliation entry at a later date to provide the final and correct information.

Compliance Audits: To help you demonstrate “reasonable care”, C J can perform a “mock audit” to test your readiness for a real Customs audit, and make recommendations for improvement.

Entry Bond: All import shipments must have an Entry Bond on file with Customs. We can provide both single entry bonds and continuous bonds.

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