Antidumping and Countervailing Duties

In general terms, antidumping duties (ADD) or countervailing duties (CVD) are imposed when the Department of Commerce (Commerce) determines whether a product is being dumped or improperly subsidized by a foreign government so the producer can sell it at a price lower than the cost of production.

If the United States International Trade Commission (USITC) concurrently determines a U S industry is harmed by that action, then Commerce will determine the margin of dumping or the amount of subsidy. Finally, Commerce will issue and antidumping duty order to offset the dumping or a countervailing duty order to offset the subsidy.

ADD or CVD can be substantial; the amount can make a significant difference in your product being properly and profitability priced. The time to know whether a product you, as an importer, are considering buying is subject to ADD or CVD is before you even buy your product.

C J encourages all our clients to consult with us at the time your buying decisions are made. Knowing if your product is subject to ADD or CVD can make a difference in your bottom line and help insure you are pricing your products correctly, to include all duty costs.

There are other programs that can reduce your duty costs and insure the same duty classification is used in every U S Customs port of entry (otherwise, you can be assessed a different duty rate in different Customs’ ports of entry). We will address these programs in future editions of The CrossDock.

C J has a person dedicated to compliance and special projects. Her name is Samya (Sam) Murray ( Please make use of her expertise in these areas. There is no cost to you for any questions to Sam, unless the answer requires significant research and time. Our philosophy is to always try to be a partner in your success. C J succeeds when you succeed.

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