Container Ship Blocking Suez Canal

Evergreen Marine’s container ship, the Ever Given, has run aground in Egypt’s Suez Canal, causing a backlog of vessels moving on the waterway. In an effort to alleviate additional backlog, Egyptian authorities have reopened an older section of the canal and crews are using tug units to attempt to free the Ever Given. It is unknown how long it may take to free the vessel, which Evergreen Marine has stated was “suspected of being hit by a sudden strong wind, causing the hull to deviate… and accidentally hit the bottom and run aground.” The Suez Canal connects the Red Sea and the Mediterranean Sea, providing the shortest ocean link between Asia and Europe. The Suez Canal is a common lane for moving freight from the Indian subcontinent and Asia to the US east coast.

C J International is monitoring the situation and will advise our clients if they have cargo on this vessel and of any future developments related to this subject.

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