Controlling Freight Costs

For any business involved in international shipping, transportation is a significant cost that affects the bottom line, and controlling freight costs is critical to success. Many companies don’t realize how the terms of sale between the company and the foreign supplier affect the ability to control the cost of shipping from the supplier to the company’s door.

For example, if you are an importer, choosing Ex Works gives you the opportunity to make decisions concerning all freight costs from the warehouse loading dock of your supplier; this provides maximum control of those costs. Choosing Ex Works will also allow you to know the true cost of your product, rather than having freight and insurance built-in to your invoice for your goods. If you are an exporter, there are other terms of sale that will provide the level of control you desire.

Don’t allow your supplier to tell you they must handle shipping; if you are paying the freight cost, you have the right to choose how that freight will be shipped and who will ship it for you. It is in your interest to have someone shipping your goods that is accountable to your company.

C J is a member of a network of international freight forwarders located all over the world. Working through C J to arrange your freight is like having representatives in over 100 offices in more than 70 countries working for you. Each member will evaluate several different shipping alternatives, and present them to you, with corresponding costs, for your consideration. You make the final decision concerning the method of shipping for each of your shipments.

Whether it’s the ground portion of your shipment (picking up your goods from your foreign supplier’s warehouse or delivering it to your door) or arranging air or ocean transport, C J is ready to assist you in all segments of the routing of your goods. There are other issues, like insurance, to consider, and C J can help you navigate those choices as well.

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