Why importers should be CTPAT-certified

Importers should become CTPAT members to ensure a higher level of supply chain security, and to enjoy the benefits of being considered a lower risk by CBP.

What is CTPAT?

The Customs Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (CTPAT) is a voluntary program for members of the trade community who can prove a certain level of commitment to supply chain security and best practices.

When an entity joins CTPAT, an agreement is made to work with CBP to protect the supply chain, identify security gaps, and implement specific security measures and best practices. Applicants must address a broad range of security topics and present security profiles that list action plans to align security throughout the supply chain.

CTPAT: Customs Trade Partnership Against Terrorism | U.S. Customs and Border Protection

Is my company eligible for a CTPAT certification?

Check out CTPAT’s minimum security criteria for importers if you are an importer who wants to become CTPAT-certified. This list explains eligibility requirements.

Benefits of a CTPAT certification

Importers who have a CTPAT certification are seen as a lower risk by U.S. Customs and enjoy a variety of benefits thanks to this trusted partnership.

CBP’s list of main benefits for CTPAT-certified members includes both short-term and long-term advantages such as:

  • shorter border wait times
  • priority status for CBP inspections
  • an assigned Supply Chain Security Specialist
  • fewer Customs exams / reduced likelihood of being selected for an exam
  • “Business resumption priority following a natural disaster or terrorist attack”

Additional benefits

CBP’s list of benefits isn’t comprehensive, as the CTPAT program (first started in 2001) continues to grow and adapt over time.

At the end of 2022, the CTPAT director announced 3 new benefits in regard to new forced labor compliance requirements for CTPAT members. These benefits center around giving CTPAT members priority consideration and added convenience when it comes to shipments that have been detained due to forced labor concerns.

For further reading on this certification, see the below links:

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Benefits of working with CTPAT-certified partners

In addition to obtaining a CTPAT certification as an importer, there are many good reasons to choose to work with supply chain partners who are CTPAT-certified themselves.

A CTPAT certification is just one way that your supply chain partners and vendors can demonstrate to you, as an importer, that they are willing to take extra steps to value your supply chain’s security and Customs compliance.

CTPAT-certified since 2004, C J International has long recognized the need to take this step as a Customs broker and freight forwarder in proving our dedication to trade compliance and supply chain security.

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