Duty Drawback

Has your company been impacted by the recently imposed Section 301 Tariffs? For those commodities affected, do you later export that product from the US to another country? If so, have you considered the Duty Drawback Program? You might be eligible to recover 99% of the original assessed duty as well as the Section 301 additional duties.

What is Drawback?

  • Drawback is the refund of Customs duties, certain Internal Revenue taxes, and certain fees that have been lawfully collected at importation.
  • The refund is administered after the exportation or destruction of the imported product.

Types of Drawback:

  • Manufacturing Drawback
  • Unused Merchandise Drawback
  • Same Condition Drawback under NAFTA
  • Rejected Merchandise Drawback

Although Drawback is recognized as the most complex commercial program U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) administers, C J has the knowledge and experience to help guide you in processing all types of Drawback Entries.

Please contact Shannon Alexander to learn if your company is eligible for the Duty Drawback Program. Shannon can be reached at (502) 380-8400 or salexander@cjinternational.com

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