Have you had problems with moisture damaging your overseas shipments?

Through a business associate, C J was recently introduced to a company with a product that can assist with the problem noted below. If you are experiencing a moisture problem in your shipments (domestic or foreign), please contact Jason Combs, C J’s corporate transportation coordinator. He will put you in direct contact with a representative of the product / company.

If you have any problems or issues with land, sea or air transportation, whether they involve cost, general questions or specific issues as discussed in this newsletter and whether it is domestic or international, please feel free to contact Jason. Jason is a partner in C J; he has been recognized often for his knowledge of all forms of transportation and he is happy to help whether you are an existing client of C J or someone with a general question.

During transportation or warehousing, moisture can be absorbed by your products and its packaging resulting in damage such as deformation, mold/mildew, odor, crushed and collapsed packaging, etc. There are preventive measures that can be taken to help reduce or eliminate the moisture problem.


Containers provide an ideal micro-climate to increase moisture damage risks. When a container is exposed to temperatures below the dew point, the moisture from the ambient air will condensate. This is most visible at the ceiling and walls of the container and it can drip on to the cargo. This process is commonly known as container rain.

Condensation can also appear inside the packaging of the merchandise. This can be a repetitive process during transport and can increase the risk of moisture damage, like mold growth, corrosion, deformation, malfunction and odor.

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