Update on Congestion at Key Ports

Last updated: 5.4.22

U.S. East Coast

  • The Port of Charleston continues to experience significant congestion and delays, with some containers sitting up to a month. The monthly average delay in March per Descartes Systems Group was 15.9 days (see Descartes’ report of delay times at the top 10 ports here.)
  • The Port of Savannah continues to see significant increases in import volume, and The Georgia Ports Authority is on track to implement “expansion projects [that] will increase the Port of Savannah’s annual capacity from the current 6 million to 9.5 million TEUs by 2025.” Read more here.

U.S. West Coast

  • LA and LGB ports have reported record cargo levels in March, along with record best quarters this year. Cargo is moving more quickly despite high import volumes, with average dwell times of 10-11 days in March per Descartes.  
  • The Container Dwell Fee announced last October continues to be pushed off as of April 29, 2022 as “the two San Pedro Bay ports have seen a combined decline of 49% in aging cargo on the docks since the program was announced on Oct. 25” according to the Port of Los Angeles.  
  • Descartes Systems Group reported average of 23.3 days delay at port of Oakland (March), and the Port of Oakland’s April newsletter provides details on their new temporary pop-up yard, as well as anticipated increased growth after several weeks of slowed volume due to fewer ship visits, general congestion on the West Coast, and the lockdown in Shanghai.
  • Reuters reported on May 3rd, “queue of 19 vessels in Los Angeles and port level inefficiencies have seen Time of Turnaround (ToT) jump to 6.9 days from 5 days a month ago, although it is still down from the peak of 8.7 days during last year’s pre-Christmas rush.”


The need continues for heightened communication between suppliers, importers, vendors, and end customers, as all plan for meeting both current and future demand. To learn more about the complexities facing our supply chain and how we can help with your importing or exporting needs…

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