Container and Trailer Security / Seals to Include Agricultural Inspections

C J International considers it critical that all parties involved in importing have defined security procedures in place that checks for the unauthorized introduction of material and/or persons to the shipping containers and trailers.

Security Procedures

These procedures must verify the physical integrity of the cargo container structure prior to loading and include the reliability of the locking mechanisms of the doors. The 7-point inspection process for empty containers as well as 8-point inspection for empty refrigerated containers should be followed prior to the loading of cargo.

Prior to stuffing/packing, all empty Instruments of International Traffic (IIT) must be inspected, and conveyances must also be inspected when they are crossing land borders into the United States. All conveyances and empty Instruments of International Traffic must undergo CTPAT approved security and agricultural inspections to ensure their structures have not been modified to conceal contraband or have been contaminated with visible agricultural pests.

Inspection requirements for CTPAT shipments via ocean, air, and land borders (as applicable) by rail or intermodal freight:

Inspection Requirements

A seven-point inspection must be conducted on all empty containers and unit load devices (ULDs); an eight-point inspection must be conducted on all empty refrigerated containers and ULDs:

  1. Front wall
  2. Left side
  3. Right side
  4. Floor
  5. Ceiling/Roof
  6. Inside/outside doors, including the reliability of the locking mechanisms of the doors
  7. Outside/Undercarriage
  8. Fan housing on refrigerated containers

In addition, the sealing of trailers and containers, to include continuous seal integrity, are crucial elements of a secure supply chain, and we wish to strongly convey to you, our business partners, that seals used to secure loaded containers and trailers bound for the U.S. must meet or exceed the current PAS ISO 17712 standards for high security seals.

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