Container Service Delays

C J Clients are no doubt already aware of the significant service delays being experienced all over the world.
This article published by American Shipper magazine cites a recent study by Sea-Intelligence, calling the current situation “the worst global score recorded since…2011.” The article goes on to say that delays are not only becoming more frequent, but also getting longer.
C J’s agents in China have advised us to expect the situation to continue to worsen. Delays in delivery to the US are also causing delays in container ships returning to China, causing shortages of equipment. C J’s agents have recommended making bookings as early as possible.
C J will continue to monitor the situation and keep our clients informed of future developments. We expect that the delays at overseas origins and US ports will continue and worsen as we get closer to the Chinese New Year. Please make your import and export bookings as early in the process as possible.

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