Continued Delays and Congestion

We believe it is important to keep our clients informed of developments in the international supply chain.  Unfortunately, the situation in the US continues to worsen – many ocean carriers have discontinued or limited IPI (Interior Point Intermodal) rail transportation into the Midwest. Similarly, the status of Midwest rail yards, specifically Chicago, has become a major bottleneck point, with some containers sitting for over a month after arrival at the rail terminal.

Trucker availability for moving containers from rails and ports to final door destinations (for FCL moves) or to container freight stations (for LCL moves) remains at a critical level.  This lack of truckers at ocean ports and rail ramps is a major contributing factor for the continued delays and storage charges being incurred by importers. This situation does not appear to be improving. You can find more information in this article from FreightWaves.

C J International, in coordination with our overseas agents, is making every effort to avoid severely congested port and rails, when it is possible.  We will continue to keep you update on this situation as it changes.

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