More China 301 Exclusions Announced by USTR

The Office of the U.S. Trade Representative announced another list of exclusions on Chinese-origin products. On February 20, 2020 the USTR published in the Federal Register 85 FR 9921 a list of exclusions on certain products as listed in the provided notice. The exclusions on certain products from List 3 and 4 will apply from September 24, 2018 and remain in effect until August 7, 2020.

Please review the list of exclusions to see if your imports are affected. Importers are responsible for determining whether or not their product(s) meet the specific description next to the HTS – Harmonized Tariff Schedule – number. If your imported goods qualify for the exclusion and you wish to discuss a strategy for requesting retroactive refunds, please contact your local C J representative.


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